3 Hugely Compelling Reasons to Use a REALTOR When Renting

Although most people will still use a REALTOR when buying or selling a home, many would never consider employing one in a rental situation.

Considering the financial and emotional risk one is taking when renting in the Rockville or North Bethesda area, it’s actually quite hard to believe.

Here are three hugely compelling reasons you should consider using a REALTOR when renting:

He Can Save You a Lot of Money

At the time of this writing, an average 2BR/2BA condo in the 20850 and 20852 zip codes rents for around $2,050 per month?

With a two-year lease term (what landlords in Montgomery County are required to offer by law), that’s a cost of almost $50,000.

There are over 80+ condo and apartment options in 20850 and 20852 alone.

These buildings all charge different amounts based on length of lease, bedrooms/bathrooms, parking options, utilities, pet fees, amenities, and many more factors.

Suppose you chose apartment/condo A without a full understanding of those details – and passed up apartment/condo B down the street solely because you didn’t know it was even there.

At a minimum, you’ve just wasted $2,400.

What if you spent $400 or $500 more a month?

That’s potentially tens of thousands of dollars you’re wasting.

It’s that black and white.


He Can Save You Tons of Time

A good REALTOR will be able to utilize technology to not only streamline the rental process, but also monitor up-to-date listings.

Aside from being poorly organized and presented based on which company is willing to pay for an ad, much of the data on national portals – especially rental data – is inaccurate, incomplete, and not removed in a timely fashion once a unit is no longer available for rent.

In a place like Rockville, this can make the rental search extremely frustrating.

A true subject matter expert should be able to hear your requirements and quickly tell you what properties…

  • Fall Within Your Price Range
  • Belong to Specific School Districts
  • Charge for Certain Amenities (Parking, Pet Deposits, Etc.)
  • Allow Dogs (Including Breed and Weight Restrictions)
  • Have In-Unit Washers and Dryers
  • Accept Short-Term Leases (Some as Little as Three Months)
  • Offer Furnishings
  • Are Near the Metro and Bus Lines
  • Have Garage Parking
  • Have Room for More Than One Car
  • Are Within Walking Distance to Grocery Stores and Shops
  • Are Close to Parks and Playgrounds
  • Are of a Certain Style (Hi-Rise, Mid-Rise, or Garden)
  • Were Recently Built

…and much more.

In addition, if a renter is dealing with a specific circumstance (unusual financial situation, etc.), a skilled REALTOR will be able to address these issues up front and without wasting the renter’s valuable time.

He Can Protect You

Perhaps most importantly, a full-time professional REALTOR will be knowledgeable on renting procedures and able to protect his or her client throughout the rental process.

Most people have no idea of the rental law in Montgomery County or the protections they are afforded.

Although property managers and private condo owners are technically bound by these laws, they also know the average renter is never going to have the time to study them or the foresight to utilize them properly.

And they have absolutely no fiduciary duty to the client whatsoever.

If a renter deals directly with an owner or property management company, he or she has no personal representation and protection.

Not good.


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