Should I rent my condo or just sell it?

It’s a common question you may be asking yourself.

Unfortunately, in addition to the financial and logistical concerns you may have about being a landlord, Montgomery County, MD is one of the most bureaucratic counties in the country concerning landlord/tenant affairs.

Regardless of intentions, one innocent oversight can you leave you vulnerable to an unscrupulous renter who knows how to game the system.

In addition to evaluating your sell vs. rent dilemma from a financial perspective, we work with top property management companies to assist with any of the following:

  • Ensuring your condo meets licensing requirements
  • Supplying legal disclosures and complying with Fair Housing
  • Preparing lease documents, including all addendum
  • Helping renters purchase renters’ insurance
  • Coordinating all repairs and maintenance
  • Responding to emergency situations
  • Arranging for lease renewals (and advising on market conditions)
  • Emailing monthly computerized income/expense statements
  • Filing eviction papers if necessary (and representing you in court)

….and much more.

It’s an exciting time to have a slice of the condo market in Rockville.

We encourage you to stop worrying about being a landlord and start enjoying being an owner.