At end of every transaction, we don’t hound people for referrals; we ask them to offer their thoughts on working with us while considering one main question: did we abide by our core values?

While mostly all of our clients have become our friends along the way, we’re extra proud of the fact we didn’t know the overwhelming majority of these folks before they found us.

Below is just some of the feedback we’ve received…..

William Goldman
William Goldman
16:56 11 Mar 20
Andy is VERY helpful, knowledgeable and responsive, providing TONS of useful information on his website and email materials that's simply not available anywhere else. Clearly, he's the MoCo real estate expert and an invaluable resource!
Sarah Lim
Sarah Lim
04:50 06 Dec 19
I highly recommend Andy Detweiler and The Rockville Real Estate Exchange! This was my first time both selling and buying a home and I was overwhelmed by the idea of of such a daunting task, so I knew I had to pick an agent who could walk me through every part of the process and answer all my questions (and I warned him I ask a lot of questions!). Andy was extremely patient, detail oriented and answered everything, and he was always reachable via phone, text or email. Thanks to his research and expertise, we were able to sell my home immediately, and then we moved on to finding a new home. I was nervous about making the wrong decision or settling for something due to time constraints, but Andy reassured me constantly that everything would work out and if it was meant to happen, it would happen. He urged me to trust my gut and to figure out what was important to me by writing down my list of "must have" items. Through that process of elimination, I was able to concentrate my search on a specific area and type of home. And just when I was thinking I wouldn't find anything before the end of the year, a home went on the market and we moved quickly to buy it! Andy was a joy to work with and he not only listened to my questions and concerns, but he also made sure to work with and listen to my family members, which I greatly appreciated. Thank you again for all your help!
Cody Kessler
Cody Kessler
18:31 25 Nov 19
I have been in mortgage lending for almost 15 years. I've seen every type of client and have dealt with every type of real estate agent along the way. Due to this experience, I can definitively state, that no client needs the same things and no agent provides everything. I can also tell you that the vast majority of agents that operate in the real estate industry, are mediocre at best. Truth be told, many agents simply don't hold any value proposition and can be considered a commodity that is easily replaced or serves no real purpose.Then there are the rare breed of agents like Andy.Since I've met Andy, he's always shown himself to think differently and not one to "follow the crowd". He is always looking for ways to innovate and improve his processes and he has shown that he does for his client's best interests. His goal is simply to identify what is outdated or broken and to make them better This is a rare thing.Andy has taken the time to hone in on what he feels will serve his clients and he has mastered that. He spends time on gathering information and passing it along so that his clients can make informed decisions, rather than calculating how much commission he's going to make and "selling" his clients into a transaction.If you're looking for something different and refreshing when it comes to real estate, look no further.In my business, reputation is everything and I tend to not recommend many people as they don't live up to the standards I hold. With that said, I highly recommend you take a moment to give him a call and find out why so many people choose to work with him, but also why I'm willing to recommend that you do as well.
Laura Tucker
Laura Tucker
11:57 10 Nov 19
It was the greatest pleasure working with Andy and the Rockville Real Estate Exchange as I searched for and bought my condo in Montgomery county. Andy is very well-educated in all aspects of real-estate, both in general and in the nuances of the local market. He obviously loves his job, and was helpful to me from the beginning of the process, before I had secured financing or knew where to look, to the end, following up after my move to make sure everything went smoothly. Andy was always immediately responsive to any questions or concerns I had, and treated everyone in the process with complete respect. I would certainly not hesitate to contact him again with any real estate needs in the future, or to recommend him him to any friends or family planning to buy or sell in the local area.
Katie Ostrowski
Katie Ostrowski
13:29 17 Sep 19
Vincent Jiordano
Vincent Jiordano
11:04 05 Sep 19
Reena Vohra
Reena Vohra
22:03 04 Sep 19
Linda Joy
Linda Joy
01:20 25 Aug 19
I am so grateful that I found Andy Detweiler, founder of the Rockville Real Estate Exchange! I purchased a condominium with Andy as my broker in August 2019. From our first meeting, Andy offered sage advice and educational information to help me with the hundreds of decisions that go into choosing a home. He is truly a full-service real estate professional who understands the market and real estate trends in and around Rockville. He is dependable and responsible. He guided me along each step of the process and made it as easy as possible for me.I was probably most impressed and grateful for his professional values, integrity, and honesty. I felt very comfortable placing my trust in him to handle all aspects of my real estate purchase.Here's an illustration of his level of service -- after my sale was complete, I made my first trip to my new home to drop off some supplies before the move. I inserted the key to unlock the door and turned the deadbolt, but could not budge the door. I wrestled with it for awhile, and then called Andy. He was there within 10 minutes and found the trick to getting the lock open. He was happy to help! :-)If you work with Andy, you will not be disappointed!!
Allison Cline
Allison Cline
18:20 19 Aug 19
Adam Cline
Adam Cline
15:58 19 Aug 19
Marcy Meltzer
Marcy Meltzer
22:25 11 Aug 19
I am very happy with the services provided by Andy and the staff of the Rockville Real Estate Exchange.Every interaction I had with Andy was not only pleasant but informative. Andy prides himself in ‘Digging into the numbers”, this allowed him to work with me by providing me with fact based information, allowing me to take the emotion out of the house selling process. Andy thoroughly researched the market where I was listing my home finding the best comps available for my unique home. Andy set appropriate expectations and was ALWAYS HONEST and straight forward. Andy was always available to go over questions and concerns and periodic bursts of anxiety in a calm relaxed manner. I would totally recommend him to anyone that is interested in buying or selling a home.
Andrew Harrington
Andrew Harrington
14:33 12 Jul 19
Andy is a critical thinker. He knows this market inside and out and is dedicated to his craft. You can't go wrong!
elsa powel
elsa powel
13:32 11 Jul 19
We have really been impressed with the Rockville Real Estate Exchange. They are proactive and attentive and leave us feeling that we are the highest priority. There are many brokerages to choose from, I choose the Rockville Real Estate Exchange because they are awesome to work with and entirely focused on serving the Rockville area.
18:13 08 Jul 19
Andy is an excellent real estate agent - on the ball at all times and always available to answer any questions or concerns. As a first-time home buyer, the process and paperwork seemed daunting, but Andy made the process as painless and easy as possible. You will be in excellent hands with Andy as your agent!
Kara Kahley
Kara Kahley
20:54 07 Jul 19
We worked with in Andy in 2018 and we had an excellent experience. We were first time homebuyers looking for either a TH or SFH. We initially attended a homebuying information session hosted by Andy, and immediately could sense he is very professional. We asked Andy to be our buyer's agent because we knew we could trust him to be thorough and get the details on offer(s) correct. House hunting with Andy was truly enjoyable, and I never felt pressured. Andy truly wanted us to find a home that was right for our needs. When we were worried about finding something in time with the low inventory, Andy had our backs and would have helped us find a short-term rental. Then, even when I had to be on a work trip during the escrow period and couldn't check in constantly, I was confident Andy was doing everything that needed done on our behalf; he stayed in communication with us and accommodated my schedule when necessary. Finally, we needed Andy's expertise and advice after we closed, too, and he was always there for us. I just can't say enough good things about this professional and our great experience...HIGHLY RECOMMEND Andrew Detweiler and The Rockville Real Estate Exchange!
Joel Greene
Joel Greene
00:48 06 Jul 19
Five Stars don't do justice to our recommendation that others retain Andy Detweiler and The Rockville Real Estate Exchange to sell their home. Andy stepped into a difficult situation in which our house of 30 years had barely moved. With extraordinary and persistent attention to our needs, frank advice (not always what you want to hear but what you need to hear), total preparation, personally manning our open houses, and a great sense of humor (we even learned to disregard his passion for the Eagles!), the house sold and we've moved on to the next phase of our lives in peace. We adore Andy's family and look forward to attending his next client appreciation party.
Jesse Colgrove
Jesse Colgrove
14:36 03 Jul 19
Andy did an amazing job with the sale of my property in Silver Spring, MD as well as assisting me in finding me my new residence for myself and my son in Potomac. He truly has work ethic and is a stand up guy.
01:52 02 Jul 19
Andy is extremely knowledgeable with the Rockville condo market and its relevant laws and regulations. He does his best to protect the interests of his clients and is patient and understanding as well.
Lori Ducharme
Lori Ducharme
10:30 01 Jul 19
Joshua Wenger
Joshua Wenger
22:58 25 Jun 19
I had a great experience with Andy Detweiler helping me purchase my home. His knowledge of the Rockville area was a tremendous resource and made the process as easy as possible.
Berook Alemayehu
Berook Alemayehu
13:46 24 Jun 19
Brad Hopkin
Brad Hopkin
12:20 20 Jun 19
I am a home inspector so I work with A LOT of realtors on a daily basis. I decided to go with Andy after seeing how well he treated his clients and how much he cared about protecting them. As a home inspector, I was very picky with the type of house that I wanted to buy and it needed to check all the boxes that I was looking for. Andy could not have found a more perfect house for me. Thanks to his advice, we beat out three other offers without even having to go above what I wanted to pay and we got an incredible deal on the house. I could not be happier. Thanks Andy!
Rob Warren
Rob Warren
07:36 18 Jun 19
Extremely helpful in every way. Will go out of way even for renters. Will use again.
Mark Shayman
Mark Shayman
19:00 17 Jun 19
Andy Detweiler helped us find and buy a condo in North Bethesda recently. He is extremely knowledgeable about sales and rentals of condos in the corridor from Grovesnor to Shady Grove. We had special requirements, such as a condo that would accept large dogs. With Andy's help, we were able to identify a condo that met our needs, and close the purchase within a few weeks. It was also clear to us that Andy conducts his business with honesty and integrity. I highly recommend his services.
Brent Whiting
Brent Whiting
16:40 15 Jun 19
Darren Miao
Darren Miao
12:59 13 Jun 19
I cannot recommend Andy enough. He originally helped my wife & I find a rental apartment when we moved to the Rockville area 2 years ago and then helped us find our current home which we absolutely love. Throughout the process, Andy was extremely patient and helpful in providing us information in a non-sales manner which was greatly appreciated. He is extremely knowledgeable about the area, but more importantly, he's a great person to work with as he truly cares about his clients.
Shaheen Khan
Shaheen Khan
01:24 13 Jun 19
Ever so greatful for Andy's help in finding my townhouse in Germantown, Maryland. He spend time with us finding out what we are looking for and what price range we are looking at. We were new in town, so we definitely needed a lot of help and he was just the right person who knew the area very well and understood our need and found just the right place for us that we call home now.
Chris Kirman
Chris Kirman
15:24 04 May 19
Katie Bluth
Katie Bluth
19:25 20 Apr 19
Laurie Michael
Laurie Michael
23:56 17 Apr 19
Super happy with the support and guidance from Andy in renting my condo. I am newer to the area and Andy helped me find the perfect place I would never have found on my own. He even answered questions for me I didn’t think to ask! It was phenomenal service, even though I am just renting. I highly recommend him.
Jennifer Thompson
Jennifer Thompson
16:36 13 Apr 19
Ezra Raskas
Ezra Raskas
13:22 09 Oct 17
Greg Bardwell
Greg Bardwell
02:06 08 Oct 17
Andy of the Detweiler Group is an expert on all of Rockville Maryland Condos. He help me find the perfect location fitting all my needs AND budget. Even knew what to ask that I had not considered...then knew right where to look saving my tons of time and uncertainty. I highly recommend them save you time, struggle and for your piece of mind.
Jon Kunkle
Jon Kunkle
17:42 07 Oct 17
Ross Bryant
Ross Bryant
15:53 07 Oct 17
Andy was very helpful when I bought my condo. I recommend him highly.
Anna-Maria Markus
Anna-Maria Markus
21:51 10 Jul 17
Trusting Andy to sell my home and find me a new one at the same time - without incorporating a lengthy rent-back period or apartment rental in-between - proved to be one of the best decisions I've ever made. Andy is extremely knowledgeable on the Rockshire neighborhood and understands the market; he's smart and quick thinking.At the same time he is very thorough, a strong negotiator, fantastic communicator, endlessly patient, and always available.Best of all, he takes care of all your worries so you can sleep well at night while knowing you have a strong professional in your corner - someone you can completely rely on. Highly recommended.

To say that I feel extremely lucky to have ran into Andy at an open house would be a massive understatement.

From the second I started speaking with him, his candor quickly melted away my anxious and scared nature of moving and purchasing a home for my family in a state we have never lived near,  let alone knew nothing about.

He did this by being nothing but himself- open and honest and a TRUE expert in regards to the area and the market.

From our first conversations via calls and texts, he quickly exceeded my (extremely high) expectations in regards to response time and finding places that met all of our needs.

He only continued to break through ceilings in order to make sure we were not only happy with everything, but comfortable and armed with all the information we needed to make informed decisions throughout every step of the way.

When it came time to negotiate, he not only was able to keep us level-headed but was able to provide us with every bit of information we needed and wanted to make an informed decision.

It is clear he lives and breathes his work as he keeps abreast of everything going on in his area, even in regards to city plans and market trends.

With this being our fourth house, we have worked with our fair share of agents… Andy is a rarity to come across, a true diamond!

Jenn Thompson

I purchased a condo in Rockville in winter 2018.

I am a pretty laser-focused and low-maintenance client, and Andy helped me swoop in and grab a great condo in a rarely-available building just as the market was taking off.

I was glad to have an agent who understands the unique aspects of condos,  and who could anticipate my questions.

Also, I was buying the place alone, and always felt like Andy would have my best interests in mind and wouldn’t let me do something I’d regret. (Also, he recommended a lender who I *LOVED*.)

Would totally recommend Andy if you’re in the MoCo condo market!

Lori Ducharme

Andy was our agent for the purchase of our condo in the Kentlands, in Gaithersburg in the fall of 2017.

We actually purchased the unit while out of the country which was very unexpected.

Andy walked us through every step and made what could have been a very difficult situation extremely manageable,  and we thank him for that.

He was there for us every step of the way, and always answering our questions from contract signing through the closing.

Andy is not the type of agent that forgets about you and moves on.

He still stays in contact with us making sure we don’t need anything.

We found Andy to have a very high work ethic, totally professional, and friendly.

He gets our highest recommendations.

Rodney and Linda Berkoski

Andy was my agent for the purchase of a condo in Rockville in Fall 2017.

I was unfamiliar with the process and unsure where to even begin, so Andy’s extensive knowledge was extremely helpful.

I really appreciated the kind of information he sought from me to make sure he found the right place, and I also appreciate his patience when I inevitably didn’t have an answer for those questions.

Most of all, Andy’s professional approach made sure I never felt remotely overwhelmed, which is how home buying always seemed before.

Josh Wenger

I recently sold a condo in Rockville, MD and Andy Detweiler was my real estate agent.

I was an out-of-state owner and therefore needed more guidance than local sellers.

When I first met Andy, I was immediately impressed with his professionalism and work ethic.

He helped me set realistic goals and guided me as to the extent of the apartment renovations that would be helpful for the sale of the apartment.

I had complete confidence in his ability to successfully market my property.

He is an excellent negotiator. He sold my condo in two weeks for the exact price that we had discussed.

I would highly recommend Andy.

Meg Casey

Working with Andy for the sale of my condo in the Americana Centre condo complex in Rockville was a pleasure due to his expert knowledge of the area’s market, as well as his attention to detail and the outstanding customer service he delivers.

He collaborated with me throughout the process while taking great care to ensure that I understood everything completely.

I really appreciated Andy’s willingness to do the “heavy lifting” throughout the sale, which enabled me to address other major life challenges that I was experiencing beyond selling the unit.

As an example, he went ahead and paid with his own money fees associated with acquiring documents from my condo office to speed up the final sale.

Overall, he delivered on successfully selling my condo and he is highly likely to be my choice moving forward for all matters regarding real estate in the Rockville/Bethesda area.

Rick Jiordano

Andy was great to work with. Very professional and goes the extra mile.

This was the first home I have ever sold and while I was not looking forward to being involved in the sale of a home, he made it completely painless.

He was very responsive to any questions I had regarding the sale (and I had many) and my home sold within a few days of being listed just as he told me it would.

I highly recommend him to any buyer, seller or renter. I will certainly be using his services in the near future for my next residence.

Jesse Colgrove

Trusting Andy to sell my home and find me a new one at the same time – without incorporating a lengthy rent-back period or apartment rental in-between – proved to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

No matter how big or small the challenge at hand, Andy is always one step ahead.

He understands your needs without much explaining; will tailor a plan to your specific situation; and, bring in great results within your desired timeline.

No matter what kind of road blocks you might encounter on your house-selling-and-buying-journey, consider these issues solved before you knew they existed.

Andy is extremely knowledgeable and understands the market; he’s smart and quick thinking.

At the same time he is very thorough, a strong negotiator, fantastic communicator, endlessly patient, and always available.

Best of all, he takes care of all your worries so you can sleep well at night while knowing you have a strong professional in your corner – someone you can completely trust.

Did I mention he makes you feel like you are his number one priority?

Yep, VIP treatment for everyone!

Anne Markus

Andy was a pleasure to work with.

His analytical and service-oriented approach resulted in a very successful buying experience for us.

His availability and responsiveness allowed us to get through the offer and settlement quickly and efficiently.

We could not have done it without him. We recommend him highly!

Paul Cencula

My wife and I had a specific property in mind when we first contacted Andy to help us through our home buying process.

It was our first time buying a home and Andy meticulously walked us through every step thoughtfully and carefully.

Andy was able to answer any question that we could think of and was extremely responsive, day or night.

At no point did we feel like Andy was trying to keep us in the dark or misrepresent information.

And even though that property fell through, Andy was able to find us an even better property in a few days, which we ended up closing on.

We could not be happier with our experience!

Berook Alemayehu

I can only second what others have been writing about Andy Detweiler.

We lived in our house for about 20 years so we had forgotten how the selling or buying of a house works in detail.

From our first meeting, when he showed us his market assessment and presented a time line, to finally the settlement I could not have asked for a better realtor to work with.

Selling a house can be nerve-racking but Andy was super helpful and calming, always very responsive, and had the process clearly under control.

I was out of the country for a while during that time but we could stay in contact via skype.

He was never pushy or impatient and making it clear all the time that he is working for us. Could not have been happier.

Thorsten Markus

I came across Andy when I was looking for a home near the school I was considering for my child.

Our initial discussions focused on what I wanted, my concerns and expectations. I had not decided if I should buy or rent and had a million questions as I am new in the area.

He provided me with objective information and at no time did he try to railroad me into buying a home, like some of the other agents I had been in contact with.

Andy helped me find a place I am very happy with and has provided me with the information I need If I am to make a decision to buy.

He is an honest, patient and trustworthy agent and definitely the go-to person when it comes to relocating to this fantastic neighborhood of North Bethesda-Rockville!!

I will definitely be back very soon for his help to find a permanent home.

Angela Churie

My wife and I decided to relocate to a different country and were thinking what to do with our townhouse: sell it or rent it out.

We had, prior to this, rented and bought multiple properties multiple times. However, this time was different.

We were not only confused about what to do with the property but also had a bit of an urgency. We had an initial consultation with Andy and immediately liked him and liked what he had to say.

I am data-oriented and it seemed so Andy. But his advice seemed more comprehensive that just relating some numbers.

Eventually, we signed a contract with him as our agent for renting the property. He also suggested the name and contact of a property manager and that was an essential aspect of our decision to rent.

We decided to get the house painted and get it ready for showing while we were still in. Once the paint job was finished Andy was supposed get photos and list it. But the paint job had barely finished when Andrew called and asked us if he could bring over two clients to show the property.

The clients were looking for condo and didn’t like any, and Andy being very enterprising suggested they may like our property.

Indeed, we got it rented even before he had the scope to photograph it.

Magic !!

While the entire process was short, it was long enough for us to realize that Andy is a top-class agent. He had high ethics and was extremely transparent.

Given the way things are going you cannot ask for a better agent who is extremely knowledgeable but also has the pulse of the market through data analytics. I wish him success and recommend him in the strongest possible terms.

Anindya Roy

I have purchased several properties in the past. The latest was my best experience of all.

Andy kept me continually updated by email and telephone in a timely manner; always made sure I knew what would happen next by staying in touch with the seller’s agent, the mortgage company and the title company; consistently did what he said he would do; and, quickly answered my questions.

His client service ethic is outstanding, and his advice was honest and thoughtful.

I had contacted Andy when I decided to move from Pennsylvania to the Maryland suburbs of the Washington, DC metro area and buy a condominium apartment.

We made an initial trip together along the Metro Red line to see apartments and learn about Metro and bus travel options.

This also gave us time to discuss what I was looking for. He then set up a web site customized for my interests and continually added new listings as properties came on the market.

Andy listened to me and worked to meet my needs and location interests. The result was a successful purchase in Chevy Chase, MD in 2016.

There was nothing Andy could have done better. I highly recommend him.

Sandy Gleason

Working with Andy for the sale of my condo in the Americana Centre condo complex in Rockville was a pleasure due to his expert knowledge of the area’s market, as well as his attention to detail and the outstanding customer service he delivers.

My parents were in a position where they needed to sell their home. Unfortunately, they did not have very good experiences with REALTORS in the past. Thus, I reached out to Andy – an old contact – to see if there was any way he could assist.

Even though the transaction was out of state and Andy could not complete it himself, he took substantial time to help with research and find me a list of potential referrals – and ultimately began to vet these folks himself.

Andy was not only honest and upfront about how he reached the agents (re: what his level of familiarity was), but also completely transparent in terms of how referrals work in real estate and the potential compensation he would receive as the result of a successful transaction.

The end result was Andy putting us in touch with a great agent who served my family’s needs and delivered in every way we needed them to.

Brent Whiting

Andy is nothing less than amazing.

I’ve worked with other realtors in other areas, and I’ve never felt so well-served. He responds promptly. He’s extremely thorough. And he stays on top of the job.

I felt like he was up to speed at all times, which was an incredible relief, while he was also straightforward. I never felt I was getting any fluff or pitch (such a relief!).

I’d consider myself a detail-oriented person who is always needy of information and Andy delivered 100% every time. He also took a tense situation from an outside party and handled it professionally and with grace. I felt like he had my back every step of the way, and he did it with great integrity.

It was also very clear that he knows the local area and has a firm grasp on the market as well as an ability to understand what my needs were and how to match my needs to the current market.

I will definitely be working with him again as well as recommending him to others.

Lindsey Spady

Andy did an outstanding job marketing and selling our condo unit in Rockville.

His suggestions on pricing and preparing the unit for sale were very accurate; with an eye on cost, and of course marketability.

He did everything he said he would, and updated us during every step of the transaction.

I would highly recommend Andy, as he was one of the most professional Realtors I’ve ever worked with.

His follow through, sense of urgency, and attention to detail were all excellent.

Rich Guber

Andy has been a pleasure to work with throughout my search for the perfect condo rental.

He provided great insight and advice when I first reached out to him about a year ago, and he regularly checked in to help me narrow my search and ultimately find the right place for the right price in the right time frame for me.

Andy is extremely knowledgeable, attentive, responsive, and a great advocate. Andy is a true partner in the process and provides excellent customer service.

I’d recommend him to anyone looking to rent, buy, or sell a home.

Linah Lubin

Andy provided excellent service when trying to find a new place to live in a rather short amount of time.

The process was as simple and painless as it gets; I told him what I was looking for, the ideal location, and a price range.

Within a day or two I was given a list of residences to review and choose which I would like to view in person.

Andy and I met to view a few on a Saturday morning which was great to not have to take off work to find a place! Andy was able to make an offer to the property management company and I was ready to move-in within a few weeks!

I would definitely recommend to a friend or colleague and will most definitely use him again when I am in the market for real estate.

Scott Dewlen

I started working with Andy on my home/condo search almost two years ago…despite a never-ending changing of plans, he has provided me exemplary service every step along the way.

Early on, Andy connected me with appropriate lender resources to navigate my complicated personal finances. After doing so, it was clear I was not going to be able to get my purchase completed in a traditional manner.

As I retooled my strategy, Andy stayed in touch, helping me navigate the market and refine my focus. Sure enough, there was light at the end of the tunnel.

The day came when I was able to make a cash offer on a foreclosure I had been waiting to hit the market. Andy got me out there right away, wrote up an offer, and expertly navigated the process (it was a VA foreclosure AND a condo, making the whole situation even more complicated).

Despite his best efforts, I lost the deal to a higher bid from an investor. At this point, I was pretty despondent. However, Andy told me to keep my head up and stay ready – something else was sure to come along.

Just a few weeks afterwards, an even better property hit the market. Even though I was sure I had no chance – and didn’t want to get my hopes up – Andy explained the differences between the foreclosure process and a standard transaction. Namely, there were multiple things we/he could do to make my offer stronger – and take advantage of the human factor that was now more in-play (as opposed to the foreclosure where we couldn’t even talk to the agent).

We put the offer in immediately. Although there were multiple bids again – some higher than mine – my offer ended up being the winner. Andy literally “won” me my home with his professional knowledge and sales expertise.

After I had a ratified contract, he continued to consult with me and help me connect with the right resources to solve complicated tax/ownership issues. Everyone was phenomenally skilled and professional.

I will certainly look forward to working with Andy again – and referring him to other family/friends in the future.

Ross Bryant

I was looking to rent an apartment and contacted Andy. He was amazing – professional and very knowledgeable.

He took the time to show me both condos and apartments. He explained the process in detail and made it as easy as possible, given the amount of documentation that I had to fill out.

If/when I need to rent again or purchase, I will definitely contact Andy again.

Gail Wingate

Andy was helpful, responsive, and most importantly HONEST.

He always got back to us quickly, worked hard to negotiate for us, and went above and beyond to make sure our interests were protected.

He also make himself available when we needed, making a tiring process of moving much easier and less stressful.

I would recommend him to friends and family, and would certainly use him again myself in the future.

Laurie Chaikind

My girlfriend and I contacted Andy looking for a rental in the Bethesda area in late 2016.

He was very prompt in returning calls/emails and had answers to all of our questions.

In only a few days we were able to establish criteria for what we wanted, viewed a list of potential properties, and scheduled a date to visit them.

His knowledge of the area and rental process in making our decision. I would certainly recommend Andy to anyone looking to rent in Bethesda.

Tim McNulty

Andy is conscientious, knowledgeable and research-oriented, and leverages all these traits to represent the best interests of his client.

His attention to detail was critical in making a sell vs. rent decision.

Andy was able to identify complicated tax implications applicable to my situation, and the knowledge helped us all to make good decisions, early in the process.

Andy was also able to recommend other associated professionals such as property managers which was very useful to me.

In addition to this, I found him straightforward and technology-savvy to work with.

I have been recommending Andy to people I know and hope this helps others reading this review in choosing a buyers / sellers agent.

Gitu Dave

I highly recommend using Andy as a realtor.

Andy was willing to take the time to work with me, even though I had informed him that we were not ready to move into a condo for a couple of years.

Our intention was just to find an area and some possible buildings for our eventual downsizing. As fate had it, he showed us the condo of our dreams, and helped us with not only purchasing, but renting it until we are ready to move.

We appreciated Andy’s responsiveness to all our very particular questions. We also liked the fact that he retrieved and analyzed data for us, that helped us with quite a few decisions.

Purchasing a home can be an emotional process, but Andy’s knowledge of the steps needed to be taken, and his willingness to contact the right people on our behalf to find out any of the particulars about the unit and the condo community, were greatly appreciated and helped in our decision-making. Thanks Andy!

Diane Golden

We highly recommend Andy Detweiler.

We had to move to Bethesda, MD and did not know the area. A friend recommended Andy and we couldn’t be happier.

Andy helped us narrow down our choice of home and neighborhood. He worked hard to make sure we saw every home in which we were interested, often on short notice.

He patiently showed each home to me and my wife, as our schedules allowed.

During each walk through, he gave us the space to look and develop our own opinions about each property but was very helpful and knowledgeable when we looked to him for guidance.

After picking a property, Andy went to bat for us during negotiations. He communicated our offers, even when he “got an ear-full” from the other agent.

He also made sure that the paperwork was complete and correct so that there was an enforceable contract at the conclusions of negotiations.

We were from out-of-state. Andy expertly guided us through the sales process in MD and patiently helped us coordinate the sale of our prior residence and purchase of our house.

Notably, Andy told us to “relax and let him to do his part.” He took the burden off of our shoulders during what could have been a difficult and nerve-wrecking process.

You couldn’t chose a better realtor to help you purchase a home!

Jeremy Boardman

We stopped by Andy’s office unannounced after several days of unsuccessful searching for a rental home in Potomac.

Andy happily spent hours with us to understand our requirements, help narrow our search, and manage our expectations.

He gave us a frank assessment of the Potomac rental market, which helped us to decide on a home. Andy’s professionalism, candor and proficiency with MRIS was refreshing.

We would not hesitate to recommend Andy to anyone searching for a home in Potomac.

Keith Warnick

We had a great experience working with Andy selling our condo in Rockville; he is very professional and knows the market well.

He was very responsive throughout the process and made recommendations on how to expedite the sale; he was also very supportive during the closing process.

Svetlana Tikhonov

Dealing with a precarious situation on the home front, I contacted Andy to see if he could assist me with a short-term rental until I was able to embark on my search for a new house.

Whereas many might have asked me to give a call back when I was ready to buy, Andy listened to my needs and offered to help however he could at the moment.

After a 45 second conversation, it was impressive to see him rifle through the 40+ Rockville/Bethesda condos in his head and recommend the handful of options that might work based on my criteria.

Given my expedited time frame, he set up a few viewings and took me out the next day. Unfortunately, it was clear that the few six-month rentals on the market were not going to meet my standards.

Again, where most might have said “talk to me down the line,” Andy helped me brainstorm through the additional options and put together a plan that ultimately worked for me – even though it brought him no financial reward.

While it’s cliche’ for service industry professionals to say they put their clients’ needs first, it’s exceedingly rare to find someone like Andy who actually does.

I’ll definitely be using him for my home search in a few months and would highly recommend him to others

Greg Bardwell

We highly recommend Andy and cannot say enough good things about working with him.

We had to move to the DC area on short notice and were struggling to find a place to rent that was dog-friendly and near the metro.

Because of weight and breed restrictions, we were not eligible for most of the apartments/houses we were finding on our own.

When we came in contact with Andy through an online listing for an apartment, he was willing to work with us even though we were looking to rent rather than buy.

He took a lot of time to talk to us over the phone because we were out of state and then in person when we were in town and made sure he understood what we were looking for in a home.

As soon as we met Andy in person, we were impressed by how knowledgeable he was about Montgomery County and what neighborhoods would work for our needs. He also obviously genuinely cares about his clients.

What had been a stressful and overwhelming process became much more streamlined when Andy took over the search. He found listings we weren’t able to find on our own, verified that they would accept our dog, and narrowed down the options for us to look at in person.

Even better, Andy’s commission was paid by the owner, not us, but Andy was always attentive and responsive even though we weren’t directly paying him.

Once we were interested in a specific condo, Andy guided us through the application process and was always available to discuss and help negotiate the lease terms. After we moved, he checked in periodically to make sure everything went smoothly.

We will definitely be going back to Andy when we are ready to buy and highly recommend him to anyone looking to rent or buy.

Cheryl Citera

Andy went out of his way to be extremely helpful in finding my wife and I a rental property.

He was the first person to respond to me and immediately built a list based on our requests, showing us several properties the following week.

Once we had made our choice he stuck with us through the whole process despite difficulties with the owner and property management.

He always responded quickly and took our side when negotiating terms. We highly recommend his services and will seek him out when buying in the DC Metro area.

Rob Warren

Andy was the only realtor that responded to my inquiry in regards to renting property in Montgomery County.

He responded quickly to all emails and calls.

I will definitely reach out to him when we decide to purchase a home.

Patrice Jackson