We’re always looking for special individuals to work with.

If you have a desire to be part of our team, please contact us, regardless of whether or not you see an applicable job posting below.

Here are our current openings…

Outside Sales Agent – Job Descripton


The Detweiler Group at RE/MAX Town Center – and rockvillerealestateexchange.com – continues to grow methodically and meaningfully as it leverages online efficiency with local real estate expertise.

We place an enormous value on quality over quantity and are looking for one or two special professionals to start working with our team and become TRUE NEIGHBORHOOD EXPERTS in a defined territory.


The “Un” Ideal Candidate – Who We’re Not Looking For

We do things differently and are building a company based on those distinguishing factors.

Thus, we think it’s helpful to state who we are not looking for, especially since there are other companies who are looking for such agents….

Deal breakers are likely to include the following…

  • People who have a large amount of experience in the industry, to the extent they are resistant to change and/or “know it all.” These people tend to start sentences by saying things like “I’ve been doing this for 20 years…”
  • People who are solely motivated by or overly concerned with making the most amount of money possible
  • People who are adverse to using technology and/or don’t think it’s necessary to keep notes or adapt different methods of communication
  • People who do not ask a lot of questions
  • People who are not detail oriented
  • People who will put their best interest before their clients’ if it means closing a deal faster, sooner, or in a more lucrative manner
  • People who are unwilling to share their ideas and/or help make our company better as whole
  • People who will push someone else down in an attempt to get ahead
  • People who are overly sensitive to constructive criticism
  • People who do not adhere to our core values

If you feel as though any of the above statements apply to you, it’s not a good fit and we don’t want to waste your time.

If not, feel free to read on…

The Ideal Candidate – Who We’re Looking For

Above all else, ideal candidates must be ethical, hard-working, and smart…in that order.

These are absolutely non-negotiable.

It’s important to note that experience is NOT necessary – and could likely be a detriment; it really depends on the person.

Additional requirements for include the following….

  • Living in the 20852 or 20850 zip codes – or a willingness to potentially move there.
  • Willing, able, and not afraid of utilizing technology on a daily basis
  • Holding monthly and/or quarterly meetings to educate neighbors about the market, home sales/rentals, tips for selling/buying, etc.
  • Assisting buyers, sellers, and renters in home buying/renting process
  • Building relationships with current and past clients, as well as visitors to our website; making welcoming and invitation calls to events as appropriate
  • Previewing as many properties in the community as possible and documenting information gathered
  • Consistently educating one’s self on changes in law, market conditions, and local development
  • Attending board meetings and other hyper-localized events
  • Helping to manage and keep our local community website pages and videos up to date (re: adding your input)
  • Coordinating volunteer events with local charities/non-profits as well as company/community social events
  • Flexibility to work some – not all — nights and weekends at times
  • Being willing to help publicize and interact on social media
  • Maintaining strict adherence to our core values
  • Possessing a Maryland real estate license (or willing to pursue one); DC and VA not necessary

A Few More Things…

While every business must have a person who can break ties and is an ultimate decision maker, we don’t believe in traditional hierarchy.

If you work with us, you will not only be allowed to express your opinion and help us do things better, it is a REQUIREMENT.

Our goal is to put together a team of extraordinary professionals who share the same core values and get them into a position that best fits their personal talents, skill sets, and comfort level.

With the right mix of people, we believe we can all do our jobs better while winning emotionally and financially on a daily basis.

Have you ever made a lot of money at a job you hated?

Or been loaded down by stress while feeling unappreciated?

Have you woken up each morning dreading to go to work?

Our number one priority is making sure that NEVER happens.

And we need everyone’s help to create the right culture.

We don’t believe real estate has to be “cut throat.”

In fact, we believe the opposite – there is plenty of business out there for everyone.

And people are hungrier than ever for companies and people they can trust to act in their best interest.

Compensation and Training

In the traditional world of commission based real estate transactions, compensation can be challenging.

That’s why we are not merely looking for bodies or people to “hit the phones” and get thrown to the wolves.

While our outside agents are always welcome to build relationships and help people sell/buy homes, we place an enormous emphasis on training.

By shadowing current team members and helping us manage transactions, put together deals, and do many other tasks, our agents are able to make money (hourly pay) AND learn our systems/technology at the same time, as opposed to fully relying on commission splits right out of the gate.

Ultimately, we believe salespeople should spend as much time as possible selling.

However, if you don’t understand why doing the above items will help you in the sales process – or you are “too good for it,” “have too much experience,” “need more money,” etc. – it’s not a good fit.