Core Values

Thanks for taking a moment to visit The Rockville Real Estate Exchange’s core values page – in our opinion, it’s the most important content on this site.

You won’t find generic promises about getting you the lowest/highest dollar amounts, having access to the best properties, or providing great customer service.

You will find the guidelines for how we treat not only our clients, but also other agents, other buyers/sellers, office staff, and anyone else we may encounter on a daily basis.

These aren’t empty words to us; they’re extremely important – really.

If they’re important you as well and we might be a potential fit to work together, we’d love to hear from you.


Good Faith



The days of working 40 years for a company and receiving a watch at retirement may be over, but all “old school” business practices don’t have to vanish alongside them.

Two empathetic parties in search of a win-win almost always find a mutually agreeable solution.





Do what you say you’re going to do in the time you say you’re going to do it in.

From follow-up emails, to phone calls, to finished deliverables, it should happen when you say it will happen.

It really is that simple.





Whether you’re the richest man in the world or the poorest, you are first and foremost a human being deserving of “Golden Rule” treatment.

If two parties cannot be respectful of each other, they should not be working together.





There is a fine line between being respectful and blowing smoke.

A surplus of rah-rah statements, unchallenged assumptions, and false positivity is typically to no one’s advantage in terms of achieving goals and getting the job done right.





Regardless of past experiences or successes, never pass up an opportunity to learn…..from everyone.

When you make a mistake, own it – then ensure it doesn’t happen again.





Information does not equal knowledge and knowledge does not equal wisdom; don’t be afraid to share the facts.

Strive for full disclosure and always err on the side of over-communication.





Rewards and recognition are natural results of striving to be the best; they should not be the drivers of action.

After everything you do, one question remains:  “how can I do it better?”





Occupational success is never worthwhile in the absence of friends, family, and neighbors to enjoy it with.

Take the time to be involved with causes greater than yourself.

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